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Since 1945, long before "Zero Defects" became a catchword for quality assurance, Branch Radiographic Laboratories has been a company devoted to offering it's clients fast, accurate and dependable service.

William Branch Sr. expanded the company's facilities, adding the most modern of test equipment and instituting new testing techniques. 

During the 1960's further impetus in the company's growth was realized when William Sr. brought his two sons, William Jr. and Peter, into the firm. Their fresh new ideas combined with their father's vast knowledge of non-destructive testing has made Branch Laboratories one of the most trusted names in its field. In the late 70's, William Jr. and Peter brought their two sons into the firm, once again adding a new outlook into the future. Branch Laboratories is over 70 years old and still growing. 

With the opening of its second facility in Carneys Point, New Jersey, Branch Radiographic Laboratories

started trading as Branch Testing Laboratories to help it's clients realize that Branch Radiographic Laboratories did much more than just Radiography. This convenient location offers faster test results and a shorter response time to customers in South Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Carneys Point Laboratory offers customers the most modern testing technology available while maintaining Branch Laboratories high quality and dependable service.

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